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A problem with researching the best web hosting in Australia, is that almost every guide promotes mostly American or (at best) Singaporean data centre hosts, because they pay large referral fees. If yours is an Aussie business catering to either of those markets and you don’t mind having your company or customer data overseas, that’s fine. But for Australians wanting the great speed and search engine optimisation benefits that come from hosting domestically (along with loading time, IP address geo-location is a ranking relevancy factor, much like having a “.com.au” domain), this blog is your solution. For the past decade, we’ve been a paying customer of 30+ Australian data-centre web hosting providers for our clients. Read on to learn about the best (affiliate disclosure: we’re reader-supported, if you buy through our links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you):

Best for:
Value (HUGE Storage)
WordPress Specialists
Deluxe Inclusions
Super Support & FAST
Boosted CPU/RAM
Site Updates Included
Starting From (~AUD)
N/A (monthly), $9.00/mo (1-year)
$19.00/mo (monthly), $17.00/mo (1-year)
$21.43/mo (after 1st mo), $7.61/mo (1-year)
$26.99/mo (after 1st mo), * $4.99/mo (1-year) *
$49.95/mo (after 1st mo), $29.97/mo (1-year)
$89.00/mo (monthly), $84.55/mo (1-year)
AU Centre(s)
Local Support
Free SSL
Free Site Builder
Free AU Domain
Load Time
369 ms
567 ms
375 ms
* 189 ms *
307 ms
262 ms
Quick-Read Web Hosting Provider Reviews

We get it, you have better things to do with your day than read rambling reviews! So we’ve distilled the most essential facts about our best-rated hosts into a single paragraph and four bullet points for each. We also warn you of any caveats to look out for and provide local, as well as global, loading speed test results from our own sites hosted with each provider. Click on the tabs to navigate the reviews:

Most Popular Hosting Australia Plans

And if you’re looking to save time, here are provider links to our three highest-rated web hosting plans:



AUD, 1 month term

  • 1 Website
  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Migration
  • $49/yr SSL Certificate
  • 100% Local Australian Support
  • Melbourne Data Centre


~AUD, 12 months term (75% discount applied)

  • 1 Website
  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer & Best Speed Rating
  • Free Migration & Site Builder
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Award-Winning 24/7 Support
  • Green Sydney Data Centre & Free CDN


~AUD, 12 months term (75% discount applied)

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 20 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer & Best Speed Rating
  • Free Migration & Site Builder
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Award-Winning 24/7 Support
  • Green Sydney Data Centre & Free CDN
for Local Australian Support
for Absolute Best Deal
for Unlimited Speedy Sites
Plan Your Hosting Stages

As your website grows in popularity, you’ll need to plan your hosting stages as well:


Shared Server Web Hosting

Your website is hosted alongside others, sharing the resources of a single server.


Virtual Private Server Hosting

Your website is hosted on a virtualized private environment that may be custom configured, but still shares a single physical machine with others.


Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Your website is hosted on its own physical machine, guaranteeing exclusive use of its resources.

frequently Asked Questions


What are the best web hosting providers in Australia?

  • The best value (huge storage space) choice – CrazyDomains
  • The best local Aussie support choice – WPHosting
  • The best all-inclusive choice – ChemiCloud
  • The best 24/7 live support + fastest loading speed choice – SiteGround
  • The best premium (for high performance sites) choice – DreamIT Host
  • The best managed hosting + web design included choice – Hosting Australia

What are the advantages of hosting in an Australian data centre?

  • Much faster website loading speed times, which visitors love
  • An Australian IP address for your website, which helps with SEO rankings
  • Company/customer data stays in-country, which helps avoid legal issues
  • Comparison chart of Australian data-centre hosts – Best Web Hosting Australia

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